Camerae - You Never Know (Track 2 of “Passage” EP, 2009)

All that can be exchanged are words: spoken, interpreted, scrawled in a shaky hand, read through a lens.
We’re feeling out a way much more direct. Blissfully direct.
Perk up your ears, come on inside, time for the practice run.
Forgo instruction, allow no delay: we’ll lay it out in no uncertain terms.
These will be our terms:
"Do not equate to the flawless in measuring. Do not abide by the thoughtless in anything. Cause you never know.
Do not mistake acts of kindness for weakening. Do not forsake those who taught such sound reasoning. Cause you never know.”
This ineffectuality concerning conversing can be dispelled by such a simple thing.
We’re planning a resounding victory without one casualty.
Discarded clothing descending to leave a purer form. A naked contemplation, fairly warm, creating a hundred memories. A thousand senses sing.

Things just haven’t been going too well for the last two thousand years or so.
Chances are not many… come on, for our time is short. Give it a go, or you’ll never know.

Make room for seconds in time and for provision. Make us a union and label as sedition. Cause you never know.

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